Sunday, September 30, 2012

Appc Mobile Dev Challenge App - ShareCar

My App(ShareCar) for Appcelerator Mobile Dev Challenge

A new Car Sharing service for commuters in India.

Simple and intuitive-to-use car sharing(carpooling) application empowers ride-sharing in real time within India. A ShareCar is a must have app which enables passengers or drivers to save money, commute, carbon emissions and reducing traffic congestion. This app helps you find interesting people in your neighborhood attending the same destination that you are heading to. Users can offer a ride to them or join their ride. Users can easily search, connect and organize their car share together, dividing the fuel cost. It lets you forge useful relationships with like-minded people. Simply use the journey planner to search the database by date and route. Using ShareCar user can share their ride information easily on Facebook.

Why Share?
  • Fuel is very expensive 
  • Control air pollution & go green
  • Save oil, time and money
  • Reduce traffic
  • Make new friends
  • Helps you, helps someone else

Key Features
  • Users can quickly and easily insert carpools(offer/request)
  • Intuitive messaging system
  • Easy overview and management of listings
  • Detailed user profile
  • Detailed search options for national travel (offer or request, trips by women for women, for smokers / non-smokers, etc.)
  • No limit on the number of rides you offer or take
  • Easily flip through with clear search result details

Technical Features
  • Support for Android and iOS 
  • Build by Appcelerator Titanium Framework
  • Backend - Appcelerator Cloud Services(ACS)
    [Cloud Users, Social Integration,  Custom Objects,  Photos, Messages]

Get connected, socialize, and save money and fuel.

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  1. Can you please tell me how to use this login application to login an account on a different web page? What I want to know is how to change the web address so I can login an account on a different web page, like for example yahoo mail.
    Thanks in advance!