Sunday, June 9, 2013

Android System Info Module

Recently I developed an native module called Android System Info Module and published in Appcelerator Marketplace.

Android System Info Module in AppC Marketplace

This module used to get the basic Android system information.

Using this module we can get system information like
  •  MODEL
  •  SYSTEM RAM(both in kb and mb)
  •  ABI

Accessing the Android System Info Module

To access this module from JavaScript, you would do the following:
var systeminfo = require("titutorial.sysinfo");  

var systeminfo = require('titutorial.sysinfo');
var infoStr = systeminfo.getInfo(); //response would be string 
var infoObj = JSON.parse(infoStr);  //parsing string to JSON object"infoObj obj => " + infoObj);

Sample Response
var sampleResponse = {
     PROCESSOR: "ARMV7 Processor rev 1 (v71)",
     MODEL: "ST25i",
     RAM(mb): "368 mb",
     RAM(kb): "376920 kb",
     OS_VERSION: "2.3.7",
     API_LEVEL : "10",
     ABI : "armeabi-v7a",
     MANUFACTURER : "Sony Ericsson"
Android System info Module Example app
Android System info Module Example app
Module URL :

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