Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sending Audio Message in Layer Chat SDK

I have forked the and added  support for send and receive audio message from the mobile app.

Sending Audio Message: handles below things,
* Recording audio message in .mp4
* Saving in SD card
* Displaying reording timer
* Send message via Layer client

Receiving Audio Message: (which is new CellFactory to haldle audio message) handles below things,
* Rendering MediaPlayer with Seekbar in MessageListActivity if mime type meets audio type
* Downloading audio in SD card
* Playing audio via MediaPlayer
* Handles Paly/Pause


* Reason for using .mp4 format is, FireFox not supporting .3gp files
* This modified app will create below folder structure in SD card root,


I haven't added Runtime Permission for API level 23. So this app will crash if you run on API level >= 23. So feel free to add runtime Permission and give me a PR.


Screen1 Screen2

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